Why Battered Women Stay

Based on a true story. Emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Why do women in toxic relationships stay?

by Keisha Quallo


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Why battered women stay is based on a true story. Accounts are rehashed from what can be remembered from my childhood through my current life, as of the publishing date in 2021. My audience can follow through to gather their own opinions. Most importantly, decide where they feel accepting these situations may have stemmed from. The goal of this work is to help others to gain some understanding of an important question.

Why do battered women stay?

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Why Battered Women Stay? While this is not a topic, in my opinion, that has been very popular from the perspective of the abused person; I believe this is mainly because the experiences are very embarrassing, challenging to go through and talk about after they are over, or while they are happening. We often feel we have no control. We don’t understand why we allow this to happen to us, and no one understands us or the decisions we are making.

Additionally, we often make many excuses where the situation is concerned and bottle it all up inside, hiding it and try to deal with it on our own. The idea to write about my experiences was inspired by the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. It was also an outlet to dealing with the abuse.

Thankful, I didn’t commit suicide, nor did the thought cross my mind. Still, I can relate to some of her experiences, and being in the situation I was currently in, I started writing it all down in an attempt to maintain my sanity and not bottle it all up inside. I decided that it was time to speak up about what I was going through and had previously gone through, giving first-hand accounts, experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on the questions everyone on the outside looking in has asked in situations like this. Questions I have repeatedly asked while I went through it.

Why do battered women stay?

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A story about

Emotional, Verbal & Physical Abuse

Why women stay in toxic relationships

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